Publication Archive

My instinct for collecting has allowed me to unearth a good number of the publications I’ve been fortunate enough to have had over the last thirty years. The collection is by no means complete. It is especially weak for the years when I started my career in Southeast Asia. Much of my work at that time on Cambodia was published in communist newspapers in Europe and some of the local Thai papers. I will post a selection of publications here as they are scanned.   

Principle Media Commissions

Newsweek. USA|Japan|Europe

National Geographic. USA

Time Magazine. USA

Der Spiegel. Germany

Paris Match. France

The Times of London. UK

Politiken. Denmark

Die Welt. Germany

The Guardian. UK

Foreign Policy Magazine, USA

Foreign Affairs Magazine. USA

The Smithsonian. USA

The Sunday Times Magazine. UK

The New York Times Magazine. USA

Stern. Germany

Le Monde. France

La Republicca. Italy

Correira de la Sera. Italy

Human Rights Watch. USA

Medecine Sans Frontieres. France

International Committee for the Red Cross. Switzerland

Du Magazine. Switzerland

The Financial Times Magazine. UK