A series of films and interviews with some of the great photographers of war who inspired and mentored me at the beginning of my career

Don McCullin 

A film by Jacqui & David Morris about an English photographer who became a benchmark for all photographers of war who followed him.


One of the last speaking engagements by the great Welsh photographer Philip Jones Griffiths at the Frontline Club in London, just before he lost his long brave fight with cancer. After I first saw his book Vietnam Inc Philip became one of the greatest inspirations in my life and later on I was honored to have him as a mentor and friend. 

A beautiful film made by Philip's partner Donna Ferrato that reveals so much about this great mans character, wit, intellect and resolve - in his own words and those of his friends and colleagues.

Larry Burrows

Very rare interview and footage of English war photographer Larry Burrows in Vietnam where he was killed in a helicopter crash during the war in 1971.

Tim page

Tim Page is the legendary British war photographer immortalised in Michael Herr's Vietnam reportage classic, Dispatches. His story inspired me to leave home and make my first adventures overseas. I had the  fortune to meet him when I was 21. I asked him the best way to become a photographer. "Get a job at a newspaper and wait for someone above you to die or just go out and do it" he told me. I went out and did it. He became a dear friend who helped me significantly at the beginning of my career.

David Douglas Duncan

Interview with David Douglas Duncan about his coverage of the Marines in the Korean war.

Gilles Peress

My complex and brilliant mentor Gilles Peress.

Robert Capa

The only known recording of Robert Capa