Thank you for visiting my website. I created this space to collect and organize my photography, journals, anecdotes, and ephemera, all of which I hope will provide some explanation and background to my work. 

The site also serves as a gallery where you can buy prints that are from each of the stories - or by request if you would like to buy a piece that is not offered for sale through the e-commerce on the site. You will also find details of the periodical workshops I teach. This place is also a resource for my students and a place for me to organize a life. I’ve arranged the material in stories which appear chronologically. The spaces in between will be filled in over time.

These pages will host some of the work that I produced when I was on assignment for the media between 1988 and 2009, along with scans of the publications in which the work appeared at the time. I will also include more contemporary work. The site will plot my career from its beginnings in Southeast Asia until now, passing through the Balkans, Iraq, and many other territories. You will also find some notes about how I approached the work, personal commentary, and anecdotes. As I scan my archive and organise materials, I will publish more here. In other words, this site will continue to evolve, but not according to any publishing schedule.

A broader selection of stories related to my work can be found on the VII agency website. My public Facebook page contains links and commentary about photography, journalism, and some of the other issues I am involved with professionally. You will notice there are many texts in these pages. If you prefer photographs with no words, then you are welcome to visit my Instagram page, where there are limited words and many photographs most of which are connected to bicycling and may provide some light entertainment.

I recommend viewing these pages in “full screen” mode. 

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Thanks to Stacy Mattingly and Erin Stone for their help with this site