26th August. 

0800: Introductory welcome by Gary and Santiago This session will last for 2 hours during which there will be a series of one on one tutorials where we will help you fine tune your story projects.

10.30. Students commence projects

18.00. Tutorials. 

Sunday 27th

16.00. Tutorials. 

19.00. Presentation by Santiago Lyon

Monday 28th

16.00. Tutorials. 

19.00. Presentation by Finbarr O’Reilly

Tuesday 29th

16.00. Tutorials. 

19.00. Presentation by Gary Knight 

Wednesday 30th

16.00. Tutorials. 

19.00. Drinks

Thursday 31st August

12.00. Tutorials and preparation for final presentations.

1500 - 1900. Branding workshop and presentation with Ted Nelson.

19.30. Final workshop presentations.

20.00. Dinner


LOGISTICS and What to Expect

To help keep the workshop intimate we are limiting tutorial class sizes to six per tutor. The total number of places available on this workshop is twelve. The workshop is a relaxed atmosphere, we take the work seriously but not ourselves. Teaching and critique is adapted to each individual participant,  so whatever your level of accomplishment we can accommodate your needs, all we require is commitment and focus.

You will need to provide your own equipment including a camera, a laptop with a program to edit and view images - we recommend Aperture, Lightroom,  Bridge or Photo Mechanic.

The regular workshop fee is $3000.  A discounted rate of $2500 is available to anyone who pays their $500 deposit before June 1st 2017.

Our team will be based at a private house in the village of Howth, a suburb of Dublin. You are free to stay anywhere but we suggest you stay in, or close to Dublin which is where we will base the tutorials. The tutorial location will announced shortly.

Students are responsible for their own accommodation, food, travel and all other costs associated with the workshop.

Thanks for reading and please write to us with any questions at the address below.

Please contact for further information.

Summer photography workshop Ireland

The workshop led by Gary Knight and Santiago Lyon will be held over 6 days in Dublin, Ireland from the 26th to the 31st of August. The workshop is open to 12 professional and committed amateur photographers. We are excited to have two guest speakers, author and photographer Finbarr O'Reilly and Ted Nelson, CEO of Mechanica, a leading US based marketing and branding agency.

There will be a strong emphasis on career building and career management by the tutors and guests. They all have unique career experiences and skills that extend well beyond photography and which will create a unique environment at this workshop.

The workshop structure requires that you research stories and projects in advance and work on them from early morning until late afternoon everyday. Each day you will have a one on one tutorial with one of the tutors, followed by an evening presentation or structured conversation. The presentations will include the tutors and guests showing their own work, the work of other photographers, conversations about media ethics, proposal research and development, client building, client management, branding and marketing.

What is available to photograph?

You will have the opportunity to engage with and document the rich social and cultural life of one Europe's most vibrant communities, a community that currently sits at the epicenter of the conversation about Europe.

You should expect to go beyond the clichéd images of Ireland and delve deeply into local life and culture to bring back pictures and stories that offer fresh perspectives. It will be essential for each photographer to arrive prepared and having done the necessary research to begin working immediately.

With Brexit now a certainty, Ireland’s relationship with Northern Ireland and Great Britain and the impact that Brexit has on peace in the area will loom large over the region during our stay. 

For those of you who seek to work in the social, political and economic arena there will be scope to drive north from your base in Dublin and explore the impact of Brexit. You could chose to stay closer to home and explore the banking and housing crisis from which the country is only now emerging after the 2009 financial meltdown. You might focus on the immigrant communities from Poland and Nigeria, or issues related to poverty or the insular lives of the Irish traveller community, or criminal gangs. 

If you prefer to work in Dublin's gritty urban landscape with its historic Georgian architecture, you could explore the lively markets and street entertainers, theater, music, and the performing arts scene or traditional Irish sports such as hurling and beachfront horse racing, or dive into the local boxing and MMA clubs. 

In late August you could turn your eye to the onslaught of the summer tourism industry or the wedding season.  Perhaps investigate the role of religion in daily life, the difference between Ireland's traditional "old world charm” with its Celtic history and burial mounds or even its pub life, and its place as a modern tech hub for companies such as Google and Yahoo. 

As Ireland is a relatively small country that can be traversed from east to west with a three-hour drive or train ride, there will be scope to work outside the city in rural areas, but participants will need to arrange their own transport and be able to return to Dublin most evenings for editing and discussion sessions.



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Tutors and Speakers

Tutor: Gary Knight

Against the backdrop of a presentation of his images, Gary will discuss entrepreneurial and career building strategies for the photographer. This session will draw on his experience as founder of multiple media for-profit and non-profit businesses.

Gary is co-founder and principle architect of the VII Photo Agency and The VII Foundation, he is the founding Director of the Program for Narrative & Documentary Practice at the Institute for Global Leadership at Tufts University where he teaches a course in non-fiction storytelling. He was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University in 2009.

Gary is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Frontline Club, London; co-founder and Board member of The GroundTruth Project, Boston; twice Chair and President of the World Press Photo Award; and has had a 30 year career as a photographer working on issues as diverse as war and anthropology.

Tutor: Santiago Lyon

Santiago was most recently VP/Photography of The Associated Press, responsible for the AP’s global photo report and the hundreds of photographers and editors around the world who produce it. He has 30+ years of experience in photojournalism as a photographer, editor, teacher and media executive and has won multiple awards for his work on conflict including two World Press Photo prizes and the Bayeux prize for war photography, among others. A former Nieman fellow at Harvard and a Sulzberger fellow at Columbia University, he joined the AP in 1991, after working for UPI and Reuters. Under his direction, the AP earned three of its 31 Pulitzer Prizes for photography, for work in Iraq, the West Bank and Syria. He chaired the jury at the 2013 World Press Photo Awards and is currently on the board of the Eddie Adams Workshop.

Born in Spain to American parents but raised in Ireland, Santiago will talk about his life and career. Having been a wire service photographer for 20+ years, ten of which were focused on war and conflict, he has valuable perspective and significant experience from the field. Following his time as a photographer he became a media executive and ran the AP’s photo department for 12 years and will address how major organizations view photography and what they expect from the people they work with, be they editors or photographers. In addition he will address some of the conundrums facing the industry – fake news, ethics, official photography, advertorials etc.


Speaker: Finbarr O'Reilly

Finbarr has had a diverse career in multiple disciplines. He spent 12 years as a Reuters correspondent and staff photographer based in West Africa and has won the World Press Photo of the Year Award and multiple awards from the NPPA and POYi for his coverage of stories and conflicts across the continent. Finbarr spent two years living in Congo and Rwanda and his multimedia exhibition Congo on the Wire debuted at the Bayeux War Correspondent's Festival in 2008 before traveling to Canada and the US. 

He embedded regularly with coalition forces fighting in Afghanistan between 2008-2011 before moving to Israel in 2014, where he covered the summer war in Gaza from inside the Strip. He is the author of the forthcoming book Shooting Ghosts, about the psychological costs of war, and has been a Harvard Nieman Fellow, a Yale World Fellow, and an Ochberg Fellow at Columbia University's DART Center for Journalism and Trauma.  

Finbarr was also among those profiled in the Oscar short-listed documentary film Under Fire, Journalists in Combat. He writes frequently for the NYT Lens blog. Finbarr is an Irishman, and he often lives in Dublin.

Speaker: Ted Nelson

The great thing about the internet and social media is that creative people now have unlimited opportunities to distribute their work and solicit new projects. The downside is that decision makers with budgets also have infinite, on-demand access to talent and are overwhelmed with options. Brands can help both buyers and sellers navigate complexity and abundance. The problem is that not enough photographers invest the thoughtfulness into creating their personal brands that they put into shooting their next big project. And as a result, frequently end up being "only as good as their last project" rather than being defined by their body of work, technical areas of expertise, personal passions, etc.

Ted Nelson, CEO of Mechanica, a leading marketing and branding agency, will talk about applying the "art of sacrifice" to defining, building, conveying and nurturing your personal brand. Cutting edge concepts from the world of commercial brand creation will be applied in a hands-on, workshop-driven class designed to have each student leaving with their own personally relevant and distinctive brand position. As well as thought starters for putting that brand to work in building the kind of business around your talent that will both thrive commercially as well as align with personal interests, passions and aptitudes.