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Photography Workshop with VII in Paris

Photography Workshop with VII's Ron Haviv, Gary Knight, Antonin Kratochvil and Christopher Morris.

Date: April 23-26, 2017
Location: Central Dupon Images, Montmartre, Paris
Cost: The price is $530 USD


In celebration of VII’s Fifteenth Anniversary and the dual exhibitions in Paris during the Mois de la Photo du Grand Paris, VII Photo, Cosmos Gallery and Central Dupon Images are excited to announce a very rare photography workshop opportunity – four days with four of the Founding Members of VII Photo Agency!

The workshop will be a combination of presentations and open discussions with the entire group, as well as breakout sessions into four small, intimate groups enabling you time with each of the four photographers over the course of the workshop. The final day will also include a group discussion with each participant presenting his or her recent work.

Each VII Member will offer their unique learning opportunities including:

Your Visual World with Ron Haviv

Photographing the world around us often involves a myriad of professional and personal challenges that can teach us to be better photographers. Whether working in one’s own neighborhoods or overseas, Haviv helps participants better their imagery by focusing on personal visual voice through a combination of portfolio reviews, assignments and editing sessions. He’ll also teach you that your assignment starts before you leave your house with tips for assessing your preparedness, safety, and support while in the field. Marketing, distribution and new means of support will be discussed. This workshop embraces a multi-faceted approach to photojournalism today, from developing a personal sensitivity to working in the field and getting work seen.

The Politics of Representation and the Politics of the Image with Gary Knight

How do you represent the world with your photographs? What are the ways in which your photographs might be interpreted? Gary will draw from his vast career and that of his friends and associates to help guide a deeper understanding of representation. Gary will engage participants in discussions about the moral conflicts that photographers can face and the imperative of having a point of view. Also, Gary will help the participants learn how to construct proposals for magazines, other media and for grants. This includes working on the idea, how to turn that into a photographic concept, how to write that into a proposal and how to make a budget.

Your Inner Eye with Antonin Kratochvil

Antonin has been greatly influenced by his childhood experiences in refugee camps. His stark and haunting black and white photography have defined heights of unconventional photographic techniques. Antonin will explore the need to understand one’s own background as an integral part of their journey to find their inner eye. Pulling from his diverse body of work Antonin will lead a discussion about how your work can be the product of personal experience, intimate conditioning and not privileged voyeurism.

Learning to See with Christopher Morris

Christopher will expose the group to the different forms of photojournalism that are prevalent today, leading a discussion around the common mistakes that many working photographers are making, while also highlighting the successes of what makes a good photograph. Christopher will also share his working formulas for portraiture, filmmaking and archiving.

An enthusiastic, curious mind, and a thumb drive with your most recent work.

Workshop Fee

The price is $530 USD (includes refreshments throughout the days, lunches, and a closing night get-together with beer/wine and light snacks).

Please contact for further information and read the Terms & Conditions here.